California Rex

San Francisco CA



Ashley Pinnick

Antonio Chang



Cody Conrad


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Who ARE California Rex?

California Rex are a creative studio in the Bay Area made up of Ashley Pinnick & Antonio Chang. 

About Ashley & Antonio

Ashley is a technical artist and Antonio is an award-nominated VFX artist. This is their first game! Like a typical independent team, they both handle all aspects of development: from writing, programming, art and game design to voice acting and technical direction. Outside of California Rex, they've worked with clients like Walt Disney Studios, ABC Television, Paramount Studios, TIFF, Lucasfilm, and Sony Pictures. 

About Dead Bug Creek

Dead Bug Creek is a virtual reality action-adventure game. It sprung from a prototype which debuted late 2015 at Siggraph's inaugural VR Village. The prototype was praised for its story and exploration mechanics, featuring fully animated 3D characters. It has grown and mutated since into an action-adventure game about being an intergalactic exterminator. The game is currently be developed for Playstation VR.

During development, Ashley's partner in creating the game's music and voice acting, Cody Conrad, took his own life. Dead Bug Creek is dedicated to Cody and his legacy whose spirit and contribution are immeasurable.


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