A whimsical vr adventure in a forgotten desert town

You're a mysterious alien visitor whose quest for an elusive treasure beckons you to a derelict pit stop in the Sonoran Desert. In order to find what you're searching for, you'll have to enlist the help of the strange townsfolk... and uncover their secrets along the way.  Hang around and you'll meet UFO believers, crotchety old ladies, surly teenagers and a few creatures with special gifts.

Dead Bug Creek is a character-driven VR adventure game with quests, puzzles and exploration at its core. The game sprung from a prototype shown at Siggraph in late 2015 and has grown as a passion project ever since. Dead Bug Creek is being developed and self-published by Ashley Pinnick and Antonio Chang as the first project from their two-person studio, California Rex.


Coming soon to Playstation VR