Q: What platforms will you support?

A: Dead Bug Creek will be available for Playstation VR as a timed console exclusive, with Oculus and HTC Vive to follow soon after.

Q: What input does it use?

A: Right now we're focusing on gamepad input, but are playing with motion tracking as well.

Q: How complete is the game?


Q: Did I see an prototype of this at Siggraph/on Oculus Share/WEARVR?

A: We have polished most of the art assets, our first person avatar, and base systems for NPC interaction. We've accomplished a lot, but still have more to go - including platform integration, polished item collection and puzzle mechanics, and optimization for each version of the game.

You likely did! We were at Siggraph's VR Village in 2015, and have had an early build available since last September. Since then, the game has had a complete overhaul!