Q: What platforms will you support?

A: Dead Bug Creek will be available for Playstation VR as a timed console exclusive, with potential for porting to PC headsets later on.

Q: What input does it use?

A: Dead Bug Creek is designed for gamepad input.

Q: How complete is the game?


Q: Did I see an prototype of this at Siggraph/on Oculus Share/WEARVR?

A: The game began as a prototype and has grown a lot in the last two years. Since then, we've expanded its story beyond just a tech demo (which we feel is very important during a time when content is key for great virtual reality) - it's running on PSVR as well! Now we're polishing and  getting everything into place for release.

You likely did! We were at Siggraph's VR Village in 2015, and have had the prototype available online around the same time. Since then, the game has had a complete overhaul! Instead of running at about 15 minutes, the full game runs more than 4 hours long.