A sliver of the many things we've been working on over the past two years to bring Dead Bug Creek to life. If you have any questions about how something works or want to know more, drop us a line!

Concept art




Our NPC AI System (Greenroom)


Characters in Dead Bug Creek give dialogue, take direction, follow you, and ask you to follow them. Greenroom is a modular system we developed which breathes life into our characters. It functions as an editor extension where we build quests and interactions without spending hours doing per-event programming. We were inspired by Flora, our hero, and her role as both a protagonist and obstacle to the Player when designing it. Greenroom plays nice with some of our favorite third party plugins too -- LipSync and iTween, namely. One little piece which gave our characters a lot more life is a "too close" function which makes characters react in different ways to you getting in their personal space.


Facial Animation

Speaking of NPCs, ours talk to you, with their mouths and everything! We use emotive blendshapes to drive the way our characters speak and react. 


Tech Art Details

A little peek into some of the effects and shaders Ashley has written to help Dead Bug Creek sparkle, ooze, undulate and generally look good.

Zapp Rowsdower

A little fresnel helmet shader for our favorite NPC, Zapp Rowsdower, using additive blending and a scummy normal map.


Using triplanar mapping, vertex colors and noise to blend between colors and textures in our walkable terrain.

Anisotropic Hair

We didn't end up using this look for NPC hair, but Ashley learned a lot about Kajiya-Kay shading!


Our favorite screenshot

Screenshot (1238).png