Dead Bug Creek is An Adventure Game Made For VR

Discover clues, party with some dead guys and learn the secrets of Dead Bug Creek. You play as an alien explorer in search of "The Ultimate Prize" whose sensors point you towards a dusty, derelict town in the middle of nowhere. When your quest is derailed by a rambunctious young girl named Flora, it becomes clear there is more to this town than it seems. Convene with the locals, explore dark passageways and learn about the strangeness of the human world.


An Otherworldly Adventure on Planet Earth

Be led on an immersive adventure, unraveling mysteries within a hyper stylized world. Interaction in Dead Bug Creek is led by your first person avatar as well as wielding the P.W.O.P.P.L.E., a device designed especially for wrangling the most elusive of treasures.


Collecting, Questing, and Exploring

Uncover the mystery of Lost Dutchman Mine, collect coins for use with machines throughout town, and explore your way through challenges, puzzles and narrative quests. Your presence will not go unnoticed. It's been quite some time since the people of Dead Bug Creek have had a visitor, after all. Some folks are friendly, some may need your help, and others are just bonkers.


Stories Yet to be Uncovered

Roam the desert landscape and encounter the strange folk who inhabit Dead Bug Creek. Hang around and you'll meet UFO Believers, crotchety old ladies, salty bikers and a few creatures with a special gifts. Each of them with a unique story to tell.



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